How do I join 4-H? Contact the Lafayette County 4-H Youth Development Educator, at the Lafayette County Extension office at (608) 776-4820. First, you will need to select a club to join. There is a list of clubs below and the areas where the clubs are associated with, but you are welcome to join a club in any area of the county.  Create an online account at 4-H Online: for your membership.

Membership and Participation Information:

When can I join 4-H? There is open enrollment to join 4-H at anytime for new members. Members who are re-enrolling in 4-H need to fill out their re-enrollment forms online at the following link (after September 1st (of the current 4-H Year) until November 1st of the current 4-H year.

**NEW members enrolling for the first time need to enroll by February 2nd (of the current 4-H year) if they would like to show at the 2023 Lafayette County Fair, otherwise new members can enroll at anytime during the 2022-2023 4-H year.  For example, new members need to enroll by February 2, 2023 for the September 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023 4-H year.

What clubs can I choose from? Below is list of clubs and the areas where the clubs generally meet. Meeting times and places vary, so if you need more information, contact the Extension office (Hailee Kammerud at or one of the organizational leaders of the clubs that is listed.

What if there are not any clubs in my area? You may want to start your own club. Contact the Lafayette County Extension Office at 608-776-4820 to find out how.

Cuba City Merry Mixers – Meets at VFW Hall (418 W. Palmer St. Cuba City, WI)
Michelle Coulthard (608) 732-1223

Kristin Miller (608) 732-2089

Dunbarton – Meets at Shullsburg Schools

Julie Wiegel  (608) 759-2119

Tammy Woodworth  (608) 558-6467

Fayette Go-Getters 4-H Club – Meets in the Fayette Area
Jody Ruf  (608) 776-3871

Lamont Hustlers  – Meets at the church in Lamont
Lori Crompton  (608) 726-0685

Lynnette Boatman  (608) 206-4672

Mound View  – Meets in Belmont at the Community Center
Cindy & Todd Palzkill  (608) 762-5709

Pleasant View – Meets in Belmont at the Community Center
Shelly Masbruch  (608) 558-7272

Sunset 4-H – Meets at the Zion Country Club

Jessica Akins (608) 214-2132

Willow Springs 
Jean Stauffacher  (608) 776-2772

Wiota Happy Hour  – Meets in Wiota at the School House
Lisa & Steve Carpenter  (608) 776-2951

Nikki Cooper  (608) 968-3304

Amanda Wonders  (608)732-8041

Yellowstone 4-H – Meets at Argyle Schools

Stephanie Holmes (608) 558-4761

Diane Schlafli (608) 558-4760