Water Resources in Southwest Wisconsin

This page is intended to provide basic information about surface and ground water resources in southwest Wisconsin and includes links to sources for additional information. If you have questions about water resources in your area, contact Joe Bonnell, UW-Madison Extension’s Natural Resource Educator for Iowa, Green, Lafayette, and Grant Counties.

Groundwater in SW Wisconsin

What is groundwater and why is it important?

What affects the amount of groundwater?

What affects the quality of groundwater?

What is the quality of groundwater in SW Wisconsin?

Surface Water and Watershed Management in SW Wisconsin

What is surface water?

What is the quality of surface water in SW Wisconsin?

What are the major causes of water quality impairments?

What is being done to improve the quality of our surface water?

What is a watershed and what is watershed management?

What are farmers doing to improve water quality in SW Wisconsin?

Additional Resources


Surface water

Watershed management and farmer-led watershed councils

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