Master Gardner Program

Lafayette County Master Gardner Program – use the application form below and contact the UW-Extension office for more information.

Application Form

Please use the link to find the registration materials.  Call the office at (608) 776-4820 for more information.

Growing Strong & Healthy

Did you know that gardeners eat twice as many servings of vegetables as people who do not garden? Gardeners also get twice as many hours of exercise as people who do not garden.
UW-Extension educates Lafayette County residents about gardening as a way to enhance self-sufficiency, health, family traditions and neighborhood dynamics. We also rent garden plots and help residents develop their own community gardens.


  • Officers of the Lafayette County Master Gardener Association are:
    • President – Kay Wang
    • Vice President – Jean-Margret Merrell-Beach
    • Treasurer – Connie Ubersox
    • Secretary – Carol Kranz
    • Local Representative – Tami Isely
  • To find out more about being a master gardener in Lafayette County, visit our Facebook Page:

More Answers to Your Questions

Plant Problems & Identification

Let UW-Extension horticulturists and Master Gardeners identify your plants, insects and plant problems! Bring your plant and insect samples to our office Monday through Friday, 8 am – 4:30 p.m. Fees may apply to samples that are sent on the University Lab.

UW-Extension Publications

UW-Extension offers a wide variety of publications on yard and garden topics. Most publications can be downloaded for free, but some are only available for purchase. For a complete list, visit the UW-Extension Publications web site.

Hort Team Factsheets

Garden Facts are a series of free factsheets developed by the Urban Horticulture Team of UW-Extension for home gardeners.  They are short, concise and easy to read, with an emphasis on answers to questions that homeowners often ask about horticulture issues. These factsheets may be downloaded and printed from the Garden Facts web site.

Have Your Soil Tested

Request a soil test mailer kit by contacting the UW Plant & Soil Analysis Lab directly. Go to the Soil Lab web site where you will find info-sheets, instructions, and lists of fees and services offered by the Lab. You can fill out the forms online or download them and submit your sample by mail. The basic lawn and garden soil test for Wisconsin residents is $15.00.

Local Weather

Check today’s weather and the 7-day forecast for Milwaukee at the National Weather Service web site.

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Find more answers to your yard and garden questions at the web sites listed in our Horticulture Help Links.

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