Lafayette County Home and Community Education (HCE)

Lafayette County Home and Community Education is an organization having 100 members!

HCE LogoThe roof of the home symbolizes our past heritage with Extension Homemakers. The letters H (Home), C (Community), and E (Education) make it a suitable logo by the state, county, and club. The house without walls confirms a commitment to membership open to all, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, handicap or national origin.

Our Goals:

  • To provide continuing education for members and others on issues that will strengthen families and communities.
  • To develop and improve leadership skills of members.
  • To build coalitions with other organizations and agencies having similar objectives and concerns as WAHCE, Inc.
  • To promote friendships and understanding with all people of the world.

Homemakers Creed:

We, the Homemakers of Wisconsin, believe in the sanctity of the HOME, the cradle of character, blessed by motherly devotion and guarded by fatherly protection.

We pledge ourselves:

To work for the preservation and improvement of home and community life; To strive for healthier minds and bodies and better living; To promote the welfare of our boys and girls, The nation’s greatest asset; To be true to God and country and of lasting service to our homes and communities. -Mrs. John Meise, Sauk County

Prayer Creed:

Dear God, give us the grace to see, The blessings which have come from thee. Give us the strength to do our duty, To see in everything some beauty. Teach us that love and cheerful giving, Tolerance and decent living, Make of our home a place sublime, Where there’s no room for hate or crime, A place where good friends gather round, Where laughter, mirth and cheer abound, Not shellfish thoughts nor worldly greed, Let this dear Master, be our creed. -Mrs. James M. Hutton, St. Croix County

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