WeCOPE is an evidence-based program that helps adults cope with life stress.  WeCOPE is based on the work of Dr. Judith Moskowitz and has been shown to reduce stress and depression, increase positive affect, and improve health behaviors in randomized trials.  Dr. Moskowitz’s work is based on the research that even in the context of life stress such as serious illness or death of a loved one, positive emotions can and do occur and have unique coping correlates and adaptive consequences.  For example, among people with HIV/AIDS or diabetes, positive emotion is associated with lower risk of mortality, controlling for negative emotion, and other predictors of mortality.

Managing life’s challenges in healthy ways allows participants to take better care of themselves and others. This interactive program helps adults cope with stress & difficult times. WeCOPE has been shown to reduct stress and depression, increase positive affect, and improve healthy behaviors. Participants gain the most from the program when they are able to practice skills between sessions. A workbook and journal are provided to support this practice. For more information, contact, Bridget Mouchon, blmouchon@wisc.edu or by phone 608-328-9440.