Youth Tractor & Machinery Safety



Are you ready to “Gear up for Safety 2023!?” 🚜🌾

“Gearing Up for Safety.” Lafayette County is excited to partner with the Wisconsin Youth Tractor & Machinery Safety Certification Program for area youth ages 12-14. Completion of this program, enables youth working for their parent to legally drive a tractor on public roads  and 14 or 15-year old’s working for a non-parent employer to drive tractors and operate machinery as a job-related activity. Participants are offered a wide range of information on safe tractor/machinery operation and specific safety guidelines when working on a crop or livestock farm.
Attached is a hard copy form of registration, or you can access the online registration by following this link “Gearing Up for Safety” Lafayette County youth Tractor & Machinery Safety ONLINE Registration
If you have any questions, please contact UW-Madison Division of Extension – Lafayette County (608) 776-4820