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2023 State & National 4-H Experiences


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TRIP Details:

National 4-H Conference annually brings 4-H youth and adults from around the nation to work towards strengthening and expanding the 4-H Youth Development program at the local, state, and national levels. National 4-H Conference is the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture’s premier youth development opportunity to engage youth in developing recommendations for the 4-H Youth Development Program. The National 4-H Headquarters is charged with sharing the recommendations that emerge from the conference with the Secretary of Agriculture, National Extension Program Leaders, and others who determine 4-H programs. At the same time, the conference is a rich and meaningful experience for the youth and adult participants. Held at a Washington DC area hotel (Hyatt Regency in Arlington, VA), it’s usually scheduled around the beginning of April. In 2019, there were approximately 350 delegates, including seven from Wisconsin.

National 4-H Conference delegates will:

  • Participate in a round table topic of their choosing that will focus on key topics such as: leadership, agriculture, crime, and more.
  • Participate in professional workshops.
  • Meet with legislators from their State to discuss important issues relating to 4-H.
  • Have a chance to network with youth and adults from across the country.
  • Learn all about 4-H programming and think about ways to improve programming across the Nation.
  • Develop an action plan that will be put to use in their own communities.
  • Have fun!


Space Campis just what you think it is – it’s a camp experience where you learn and experience a ton of different aspects about life as an astronaut, working at NASA, and exploring places beyond Earth! Wisconsin 4-H Space Camp participants experience the Pathfinder Program. The Pathfinder Program is a 3 day experience where youth participate in a variety of simulated space activities, such as:

  • A Simulated Space Mission (including roles at mission control, on the ISS, in a space shuttle, and on the surface of the moon) with a team of other 4-Her’s.
  • A variety of Space Simulators such as the multi-axis trainer, five degrees of freedom chair, and the space shot.
  • Building and launching their own model rocket.
  • On-site meals and sleeping habitats simulating a real space training experience.
  • Learning all about space exploration and astronaut life in museum tours guided by a Space Camp expert.
  • A team quiz bowl where participants test their knowledge against others at the end of camp.


American Spirit EastExperience history & heritage by immersing in a 10-day bus journey to the East Coast — Youth-led content throughout the experience — Increase knowledge of American history while experiencing where it occurred — Dynamic exposure to diverse cultural experiences and perspectives of the foundation of our nation.  Highlighted Location(s): Maumee, Ohio; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New York City, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; Lexington/Concord, Massachusetts; Gloucester, Massachusetts; and Niagara Falls, New York.


Summer AcademyJoin us on the UW-Madison Campus for the new Summer Academy, June 19-22, 2023. This new Positive Youth Development program will help you discover pathways to your future. Signup to learn what it takes to have a career, or a hobby in several SPARK areas including agriculture, STEM, service, leadership, arts, trades, and many more. There will be fun opportunities to build networks and friendships with folks from all over the state of WI.


Citizenship Washington FocusCWF, for short, is the premier week long 4-H citizenship and leadership experience. CWF brings 4-H delegations from all over the country to stay in Washington D.C., our Nation’s Capital! Participants learn about the roles of Senators and Representatives in the United States’ government and how these parts work together to form an effective Congress. Additionally, youth get to see and experience government in action by meeting with their State’s members of Congress and watching a House of Representatives meeting. Delegates also participate in various educational workshops such as:

  • Citizenship Toolbox: By exploring what it means to be a good citizen, delegates identify their own skill set to become active citizens and leaders in their communities back home.
  • Congressional Issues: Delegates will have open discussions with different perspectives on real national issues in the government today.
  • Bill Writing: Delegates learn the process of writing a bill in the House of Representatives and then write one of their own. They then will hold a mock House of Representatives meeting where they will discuss and either pass or deny said bills.
  • Action Planning: By combining all of the skills they have learned at CWF, the entire delegation will discuss what issues are prominent in their communities. They will then develop a plan to take back and implement positive change into their hometowns.


National 4-H Congressis a five-day Educational Experience held in Atlanta, GA. Congress is the premiere nation-wide event for 4-Hers to network with others from around the country, Canada, and Puerto Rico. While at Congress, 4-Hers engage in leadership, citizenship, global awareness, and inclusion. Here are just some of the activities delegates will partake in while at National Congress:

  • Educational Workshops: Varying from sessions like “Farm to Fork-Teaching as Service Learning,” “Dancing with the Stars,” “Social Media in Our World,” and “The Healthy Gourmet,” there’s bound to be a state-of-the-art workshop for everyone!
  • Exploring the city: With educational trips to museums, theaters, and Centennial Olympic park, delegates will get to broaden their appreciation for the arts and many historical events in America.
  • State and Congress-wide meetings: Delegates will be given time to reflect on their recent experiences as well as put their new skills to use!
  • International Events: Let’s take a trip overseas! With a night of international dinner and entertainment, delegates will expand their knowledge on the culture, food, and art of countries from around the globe!
  • Community Service: Delegates will be split up to serve various parts of downtown Atlanta to give back and experience what it feels like to have a positive impact on a community!
  • Educational Tours: Whether delegates are learning about the hottest attractions in “Hotlanta,” exploring the CNN News Worldwide Headquarters, learning about the historical events of the south, visiting the College Football Hall of Fame, walking around the aquarium or exploring the zoo, delegates will get a little taste of what there is to experience in Atlanta!
  • World-Renowned Speakers: In previous years, delegates have heard from Miss America, top-ranked motivational speakers, Miss Delaware and alopecia areata hair loss patient, and holocaust survivors.
  • National 4-H Congress Gala: To close out the experience, delegates will have a formal dinner and ceremony with some special guest appearances.



County-level Opportunity:

Youth Voting Representatives to 4-H Leaders’ AssociationOne or two youth are selected to represent 4-H members at 4-H Leaders’ Association meetings.  The meetings are held the 3rd Sunday of November, February, April, June, August, and September.  Your responsibility will be to serve as a voice for 4-H members across Lafayette County.



  • The Key Award (Grades 9-12)

  • Step Into the Future Award (Grades 11-13)

  • Crowley Dairy Leadership Award (Grades 10-13)

AWARD Details:

Key Award– The Wisconsin 4-H Key Award Program recognizes a select group of 4-H participants who’ve demonstrated consistent growth in their 4-H involvement, developed and applied leadership skills, and actively participated in the functions of their 4-H club and community. Selection of 4-H Key Award recipients is based on an evaluation of the candidate’s total 4-H record. To be eligible, candidates must be in 9th grade or above and must have completed at least three years of 4-H and one year of youth leadership. The quota of award recipients is determined by county 4-H enrollment of youth ages 14 years and older. Quotas are 2% of that population or a minimum of two per county.   This award is only given once.  The Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation and WI 4-H Foundation sponsor this important leadership award.

Step Into the Future Award-This award is given to one or two outstanding older 4-H members each year.  It is offered as recognition of excellence in character and well-balanced personal development, as well as demonstrated qualities of constructive leadership.

Crowley Dairy Leadership Award- The 4-H Dairy Leadership Award provides recognition to youth who have excelled in their dairy project.  Eligibility for this award includes: Must be currently enrolled in the 4-H Dairy Project and have at least two previous years of membership, must be in 10th-13th grades as of January 1, and should have an outstanding record of involvement and accomplishments in the 4-H Dairy Project.  The county winner, along with up to two additional nominees will be submitted for the state award process.  State award nominees will complete a written application and submit a letter of recommendation from their county educator or dairy project leader.  Of those nominated for the state award, 20 applicants will be selected for interviews at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Fifteen (15) state-level awards will be presented annually to outstanding 4-H Dairy Project members.  Award plaques will be given to the top fifteen and the top three will each receive $1,000 cash awards.  Additionally, the top 4-H member that is a Junior in high school as of January 1 will be offered a $5,000 scholarship to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison and enroll in the Department of Dairy and Animal Science.  Another donor funds this scholarship, but the winner is identified through the same process.