2019 Dairy Wellbeing Conference

 UW Extension is pleased to provide world-class speakers on animal well-being to dairy producers right here in Wisconsin.

Since 2010, the Wisconsin Dairy & Beef Well-Being
Conference has drawn over 1,500 attendees. Our focus on animal well-being, health, and handling has proven to be a valuable asset to producers and processors alike.
The 2019 Wisconsin Dairy Well-Being Roadshow promises
to offer exciting opportunities for dairy farmers,
agriculture professionals, and farm workers. at a location
near you.
Agenda Items for this year’s Conference focus on dairy
 Understanding normal to identify abnormal
 Technology benefits to animal health
 Dehorning and pain mitigation
 Group housing calves
Please join us for the 2019 Wisconsin Dairy Well-Being
Roadshow at the UW-Platteville College Farm (29200 College Farm Rd., Platteville, WI)  on March 19th.

For more information, and a registration form, please use the link below:

2019_Registration dairy wellbeing conf